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"We would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping us get custody of David. Your investigation skills helped our little boy have a stable home for the first time in life."
- Tamera J.
"Always reliable, dependable, and professional"
- Mark Galyean, Attorney at Law
"When Judge Miller said your work and integrity was second to none, we couldn't have agreed with her more !" - Bill C.




Welcome to The Dillon Agency, LLC
Tennessee Private Investigator

The Dillon Agency, LLC
- a Tennessee Private Investigator, is a full service, licensed Private Detective Agency providing private investigation services throughout all of Tennessee. We service Private Clients, Law Offices, Business, and Governmental Agencies throughout all of Tennessee.   
Our Private Investigators are trained in Family Law, Cheating Spouse, Child Custody, Child Support, Missing Persons, and Civil Litigation cases, to name a few.  To view a list of services we offer click here.   

Using proven investigative techniques, incorporated with the latest technology and our street-smart investigative experience, our clients are assured they'll receive Competent Investigative Services from The Dillon Agency, LLC - Tennessee Private Investigator.

Many of our cases have been featured on National Television Shows, Radio Talk Shows, and in Leading Newspapers throughout the country.

The Dillon Agency, LLC has a strict client confidentiality policy and all cases are handled with the highest level of confidence, integrity and professionalism. Click here to read our Client Privacy Statement.

If results matter to you, then The Dillon Agency, LLC - Tennessee Private Investigator, is your first choice to service all your investigative needs.

Discreet, Reliable, Effective
- proven results by proven experienced professionals, one valued client at a time!

Useful Services for Tennessee Private Investigator
Tennessee Professional Investigators Association
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Tennessee State Legislature
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
About Tennessee:
Tennessee Private Investigator License
The state of Tennessee has four types of licenses an agency license, an individual investigator license, an individual trainer license, and an investigator training company license. Reference Website:
Contact Information:
Email: Private.Investigation.Polygraph@TN.Gov
Department of Commerce & Insurance Private Protective
Services Division, 500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 37243-1158
Phone: (615) 741-4827
Fax: (615) 532-2965
Citation Statute:
Tennessee Code Annotated
Title 62, Chapter 26 & 27
Tennessee Professional Investigators Association

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